Parents and Carers in Performing Arts (PiPA)

PiPA works with organisations who have benefited fromĀ  increased employee retention, been able to recruit from a more diverse talent pool and experienced better employee engagement as a direct result of working with us. The needs of every carer and parent are different, whether employed, self-employed on-stage or off-stage. We work in partnership to explore long term, flexible, sustainable and appropriate solutions for all.

It is essential that those with caring responsibilities can continue working and developing their skills, gained through years of hard work and experience, if we are to achieve a diverse and flexible workforce with equality at its heart.

In 2018, supported by Arts Council London, PiPA launched the PiPA Best Practice Charter and supporting toolkit, an extensive range of practical resources to implement positive change across a diverse range of artistic organisations.

Last year PiPA conducted the Balancing Act Survey, investigating the impact of caring responsibilities on career progression in Dance, Music, Opera and Theatre.

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