Thursday 9 July 3:30PM

Building foundations for a flexible future-proofed workforce (Recording)

This webinar took place on 9 July 2020.

Attracting and retaining a more diverse and flexible workforce is proven to increase business resilience and will be more critical than ever for the performing arts post-Covid-19.

When the time comes to rebuild our creative landscape, this period will have given us all a taste of alternative ways of working that we can learn from in order to evolve, grow and create a more resilient sector that works not just for those with caring responsibilities but for everyone.

This webinar will help you identify practical strategies and solutions, appropriate and effective for your organisations, irrespective of scale and remit, to adopt a more flexible approach to supporting the workforce. It will include a case study from Birds of Paradise theatre company.

Insights will be shared from Parents and Carers in Performing Arts’ research into the workforce as well as practical examples of family-friendly working practices that are already having a significant impact in organisations across the UK.

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