Good, Bad and Ugly Stress (RECORDING)

This webinar took place on Thursday 6 May 2021.

You can view a recording via this link.

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Stress is an everyday word, but what does it actually mean? Explore good, bad & ugly stress, recognise stress triggers, & build resilience.

Explore fun and achievable ways of tackling stress and unpicking what stress actually is. What one person calls stress another may not.

The changes to the theatre sector and work since COVID, will have had an impact on resilience and coping strategies, across all levels of the workforce.

This workshop will address a range of topics and best practice to help participants identify stress triggers, ask questions and build a range of tools to help manage and build resilience.

Workshop topics:

  • Physiology of Stress/ The bodies reaction to stress
  • Good, bad & ugly stress
  • Recognising destructive stress
  • Working from Home
  • Building a stress tool kit

The style of the session is very practical with simple exercises, a resource list and links to enable participants to practice and transfer their new skills into their lives, or their teams.

At the end of this webinar you will:

  • Have increased awareness of different types of stress
  • Have an understanding of the body’s reaction to stress
  • Start to identify stress triggers
  • Develop a range of tools to build resilience

Intended audience:

  • Off-stage theatre workers across all levels of experience and discipline

Facilitators: Eileen Bellot, Writer | Director | Artistic Director of QuestLife

Eileen Bellot is a Writer, Director and Artistic Director of QuestLife. Passionate about making work that reflects the diversity of the human experience and collaborative working across art forms. Eileen supports strategic thinking that generates innovative ways of increasing access to the arts for ‘all’. She has taken on leadership roles through running an award winning arts and wellbeing charity for 17yrs, public speaking, community advocacy and board memberships, including Tamasha Theatre and Stage Sight. As an advocate for lifelong learning, Eileen regularly facilitates training and workshops. Her expertise in holistic wellbeing, and the arts, has generated invitations on public speaking platforms such as Tedx, BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour, BBC Breakfast TV, LBC Radio & WOW Festival.

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