Improve Your Website: Top 10 Tips (Recording)

This webinar took place on Thursday 28 May 2020.

Housekeeping for your website. This webinar gives you an action list of tasks to get your website back to that post-launch glow. Follow this advice and your website will smell like new again.

Nick, Raf and Hans from HdK will take you through ten typical problems that affect websites over time. They will give you easy-to-follow processes and online tools you can use straight away. Also, the team will be there to answer specific questions you may have about your own website, and share any suggestions that come from the participants. They’ll look at topics like what happens when your navigation loses the focus it once had, issues with images that can slow your website down, making sure your call-to-actions are still on point and checking you’re reaching your target audience.

This webinar is aimed at anyone who is involved in managing a website, with or without a technical understanding.

At the end of this webinar you will have:
  • A better understanding of what makes a good, user-friendly website
  • Free (and nearly free) tools to help improve your website management immediately
  • A step by step process you can adopt to improve your website
  • Ways to track effectiveness of the improvements you make

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