Leading a Resilient Team (RECORDING)

This webinar took place on Thursday 29 April 2021.

You can view the recording via this link.

Learn the neuroscience behind resilience, and develop practical strategies to help staff build strength and adaptability.

As we lead our teams and organisations into Covid recovery, the ability to nurture the personal and professional resilience of our staff is especially vital.

This webinar provides attendees with a grounding in the neuroscientific theory behind resilience, and a suite of practical strategies to assess their team’s resiliency and help staff build their strength and adaptability – delivered in an engaging, accessible manner, tailored to arts leaders and managers.

Carmel uses her framework of the Five Pillars of Resilience to deliver this webinar, and an inclusive approach to leadership. The impact of the past year on cultural sector staff has exacerbated the impact of poor mental health on the sector workforce. This webinar is an investment in your staff, as well as the resilience of your organisation.

At the end of this webinar you will:

  • be provided with a common lexicon with which to discuss resilience with your staff and teams
  • encouraged to develop individual awareness of stress signatures and triggers
  • be equipped with practical strategies you can use to build your team’s resilience
  • understand the importance of building a culture of learning, growth and flexibility
  • have a foundational understanding of key elements of neuroscience and post-traumatic growth which underpin resilience

Intended audience

  • People in management/leadership
  • People in emerging leadership roles

Facilitator: Carmel Cardona, Owner and Founder of Stitch Your Parachute

Carmel is the founder of Stitch Your Parachute, building personal and organisational resilience.

She delivers training courses, and 1:1 coaching in resilience, leadership, and professional wellbeing. Carmel provides strategic consultancy to creative organisations, on various elements of strategic planning, development, and building inclusive organisations. Prior to this, she worked in leadership roles within the cultural sector for over two decades, in the UK and Australia, including with Sydney Theatre Company, British Film Institute and the Roundhouse. Carmel has an MSc in Social Science, and has trained with the NeuroLeadership Institute and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

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