Wednesday 13 May 9:00AM

How to Plan When Planning is Hard: Living with Unpredictability (Recording)

These sessions took place on Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 May 2020.

During two thirty-minute sessions, spaced a day apart, Susan and Dawn explored the implications of living through a period of extreme unpredictability and discuss three areas of challenge related to an unpredictable world.

Session One: Click here to watch

Look at individual and group responses to unpredictability in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic in particular.

Challenge 1: impact on your personal effectiveness

How do our responses to unpredictability like avoidance, denial, and hypervigilance can impact our ability to respond creatively and decisively?

At the moment we are having to adapt in all areas of our lives; sharing our personal experiences we will explore some methods to help us with managing these competing demands.

Challenge 2: impact on your teams and networks

This is also a period of collective uncertainty and your teams, boards and stakeholders who are having to adjust to rapid and significant change. This is hard enough when you can at least get everyone in the same room to work things through, it is more of a challenge when you are doing it remotely and probably with less resources.

We will look at how we shift expectations, adapt processes and how we get people used to the notion of work in progress.

Session Two: Click here to watch

Challenge 3: planning in the absence of predictability

The session includes a quick look at scenario planning, sensitivity analysis and risk to help you consider the alternative futures you might be facing.

With a very practical emphasis and focus on tools and techniques you might find useful. We will share approaches to planning when you are working with the unknown.

In many cases you will be starting afresh so we will look at how successful start-ups do it. We will look at how you balance the knowns with the unknowns and what that means for how your work may need to change.

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