Looking After Your Body to Look After Your Mind (RECORDING)

This webinar took place on Wednesday 5 May 2021.

You can view a recording via this link.

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Master proven techniques that fit easily into everyday life, using your body to keep stress in its place so you feel better and brighter.

We are endlessly advised to be mindful, to think of healthier living, to think our way out of stress. But when we’re stressed, we can’t think. We can’t think because our emergency system demands instant solutions (no matter how useless) so it deliberately shuts out the intelligent, creative part of our brain.

We can’t think our way out of stress, but we can trick our brain into believing we are safe. How? By changing the position data from muscles, fascia, joints, and changing the chemical data from the gut, hormones, and blood.Changing your body, just a tiny bit, radically changes the ‘reality’ your brain creates.

Stress is designed to save your life, but can wreck it. You can’t think your way out , but you can trick stress into stopping, putting you back in control, feeling better, being brighter. Learning to master stress allows you to control your life, and enjoy the things that living worthwhile.

During this webinar you will:

  • Practice a simple, do-anywhere technique that switches off survival mode
  • Learn essential brain maintenance
  • See how to make sleep your superpower
  • Meet the brain in your gut
  • Discover all four happy hormones, and lessen your dependence on dopamine
  • Review resilient routines that sneak healthy habits invisibly into your day

Intended audience:

  • Anyone: we all go through moments, sometimes months, when stress needs to be put in its place

Facilitator: Alison Wright Reid

Alison has worked in safety and health since the 1980s. She majored in wellbeing for over twenty years, championing an integrated approach that appreciates the huge interplay between sleep, stress and health, particularly in creative production and in orchestras.

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