Monday 10 July 11:00AM

Managing Change

Course Overview

This practical workshop session is for anyone interested in leading change within their organisation, department or team. We’ll examine principles that underpin processes of change and explore strategies for effectively managing change. There will be opportunities to apply tools and techniques from the world of Organisational Change, and consider how the science of change-management developed in business can be applied to the performing arts and to your own workplace.

In this session we will look at unpacking change-management tools and models, and practice applying them to scenarios specific to the performing arts. You will be encouraged to reflect on your impact in your organisation and supported to identify what actions you can take to achieve enduring and impactful change.

Suitable For:

  • This course is suitable for anyone working in a performing arts organisation who has been tasked with, or who is interested, in driving change internally.

Course Outline

This course is designed to demystify change-making and provide a structure for anyone planning on embarking on a process of change. It will provide you with knowledge and tools to design a change management plan, ensuring long-lasting impact within your organisations.

Over the day you will cover:

  • Principles of change and the factors that underpin successful, enduring change
  • The role of a change manager: what you will need to be aware of and the skills you will need to employ
  • How to identify the change you want to achieve
  • Models of change
  • Dealing with resistance to change
  • Creating a change management plan

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course you will:

  • Possess an understanding of processes of change
  • Appreciate the importance of strategizing and planning for change
  • Have a range of tools, templates and models to refer to when instigating your own process of change
  • Possess an understanding of why people can be resistant to change and pointers on how to deal constructively with resistance
  • Be able to identify the components of a change-management plan
  • Have identified concrete practical steps that can be taken after the course


The session is led by Lucy Kerbel, Director and Founder of Tonic Theatre. Through delivering a range of projects, training, consultancy, publishing and resources, Tonic has created positive change across a range of leading dance, opera and theatre organisations in relation to gender equality and diversity. Lucy’s work for Tonic encompasses organisations of all shapes and sizes from some of the biggest (National Theatre, Royal Opera House, RSC) to the smallest and in both the subsidised and commercial sectors. She is the author of two books, All Change Please, a Practical Guide to Achieving Gender Equality in Theatre and 100 Great Plays for Women, both published by Nick Hern Books.

“Lucy Kerbel’s work through Tonic has become increasingly pivotal in helping the entire industry, through organisations and individuals, raise its game.” Rufus Norris

“Tonic has proved that by really concentrating minds, change can happen.” Lyn Gardner