Managing Teams Through Rapid and Complex Change (RECORDING)

This webinar took place on Tuesday 4 May 2021.

You can view a recording via this link.

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Practical psychological models of change to help managers understand why individuals & teams respond the way they do and what to do about it.

Managing and leading change can be challenging at the best of times and responding to the evolving Coronavirus pandemic has meant that organisations have been dealing with an increasingly rapid period of multiple and complex change. This has put pressure on teams as they work out how best to respond and has required managers and leaders to support their people with sensitivity and compassion in circumstances that are new to all of us.This workshop will introduce some practically relevant models of individual and team change to help managers understand the psychology of change and the skills needed to effective lead teams through it.

The workshop will investigate the concepts of Volatile, Complex, Uncertain and Ambiguous (VUCA) change and Wicked Problems and help managers think through how best to respond when there are no clear-cut solutions.

At the end of this webinar you will:

  • Understand what happens to individuals and teams when they go through change
  • Understand the impacts of Volatile, Complex, Uncertain and Ambiguous (VUCA) contexts and consider how best to navigate them, particularly when working online
  • Leave with practical ideas for dealing with wicked problems that don’t have straightforward solutions
  • Feel more confident in your ability to manage and lead change

Intended audience

  • Managers and leaders who are supporting teams through rapid or complex change
  • Managers and leaders who want to understand more about how and why people respond to change in the way they do and offer some straightforward and practical ideas to implement

Facilitator: Auriel Majumdar, Creative Coach and Consultant

Auriel Majumdar is a Creative Coach, Consultant and Educator with more than 20 years’ experience as leader, strategist and change maker. She works with organisations and individuals in the creative and cultural sectors, helping people to reflect on their experiences so they can continuously learn and develop.

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