Tuesday 16 June 2:00PM

Re-Opening: Planning and Forecasting for Recovery (Recording)

This webinar took place on Tuesday 16 June 2020. 

At a time of great uncertainty, organisations will continue to create and revise forecasts, manage and mitigate risks, and either revise or return to an established strategic business plan. These approaches remain essential, but in the short term there is also a need for new planning approaches which are clear and realistic, but highly adaptable.

In recent years, Baker Richards have imported a management tactic from US sports (the ‘Playbook’) and adapted it to pricing and revenue management.  The Playbook is a ‘play by play’ plan, capable of responding to shifts in internal circumstances and external forces. It helps organisations to confidently prepare their earned income recovery, without locking into a fixed plan built on assumptions that may prove unreliable in a time of instability.

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