Removing Barriers: Your Building (Recording)

This webinar took place on Thursday 28 May 2020.

A bite-sized look at the ways in which your sites and buildings may and may not work well for the people who use them. Understanding the challenges people face in your buildings equips you to address the issues, and understanding what works well gives you momentum to build on your strengths.

Your building is perhaps your biggest and most obvious cultural artifact. What messages is it giving out to D/deaf and disabled people about how welcome they are?

We will look at specific examples both of barriers and of good practice and look beyond big, expensive capital projects, focusing instead on action-planning for smaller, more achievable changes.

At the end of this webinar you will have started to:

  • Be able to look at your buildings and sites with a view to identifying barriers
  • Know how to have meaningful conversations with people about using your buildings and sites
  • Have a basis for planning and prioritising, including informing capital projects

Suitable for anyone working in theatre, since we are all impacted by our physical environment. However, it is particularly relevant to those with responsibility for planning for site management.

You will get the most from this webinar if you have already done or watched the first ‘Removing Barriers’ webinar.

About the Removing Barriers webinar series

As we consider our journey to recovery, exploring what our industry will look like and how we want to rebuild it, we have an opportunity to make it the most excitingly diverse theatre industry we have ever had.

The last few weeks have shown how innovative and resourceful we can be, and we have taken steps to make theatre and to put our work into the world in new ways. In so doing, many people have learned new skills, technologies and artistic approaches which need to become part of the everyday so that disabled and D/deaf theatremakers, audiences and participants do not get left behind.

These bite-sized webinars will equip you to ensure that disabled and D/deaf people are a part of your organisations making exciting contributions to the work you programme and produce.

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