Removing Barriers for d/Deaf and Disabled People in Theatre (Recording)

This webinar took place on Friday 22 May 2020.

A bite-sized introduction to fundamental principles of disability equality focusing on the Social Model of disability, a tool which facilitates planning, problem-solving and good practice in your organisation.

This webinar will demystify the Social Model of disability and demonstrate the ways in which it can be a reliable basis for your planning and practice. We will look at example of the Social Model in action and show why you don’t need to be afraid of having conversations with disabled people about how to work effectively with them, or how to make sure they have a good time experiencing your work.

At the end of this webinar you will:

  • Understand the importance of the Social Model of Disability and how it can help you
  • Have more strategies for approaching conversations you might previously have termed ‘difficult’
  • Have a basis for planning

This course is suitable for anyone working in theatre.

About the Removing Barriers webinar series

As we consider our journey to recovery, exploring what our industry will look like and how we want to rebuild it, we have an opportunity to make it the most excitingly diverse theatre industry we have ever had.

The last few weeks have shown how innovative and resourceful we can be, and we have taken steps to make theatre and to put our work into the world in new ways. In so doing, many people have learned new skills, technologies and artistic approaches which need to become part of the everyday so that disabled and d/Deaf theatremakers, audiences and participants do not get left behind.

These bite-sized webinars will equip you to ensure that disabled and d/Deaf people are a part of your organisations making exciting contributions to the work you programme and produce.

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