Monday 22 March 4:00PM

The Latest Consumer Attitudes and Behaviour Trends in the UK Theatre & Leisure Attractions Market from BVA-BDRC

BVA BDRC is an award-winning international consumer insight consultancy specialising in tourism, culture and leisure attractions.

The session will present findings from field work conducted during early March 2021 and will cover:

  1. Audience mood and sentiment.
  2. Comfort levels with visting leisure attractions including theatre.
  3. Demand indicators.
  4. COVID specific segments and the characteristics of the cohorts likely to be first to return to market.
  5. Anticipated future behavior – including domestic holiday intentions this summer (in particular to London)
  6. Q&A

Suitable for:

Producers, Executive Directors and Marketing and Communications teams.

At the end of the webinar you will gain:

  • An understanding of audience’s expectations of health and safety measures
  • An indication of likely demand on re-opening
  • Insight into re-opening audience targeting

Please note, members of the media and press are kindly requested not to report on the contents of this webinar.