Tuesday 30 March 11:00AM

Low-cost performance capture for arts and culture

Whether you’re creating new work for a digital audience, or adapting or performing an existing piece, there are countless creative and artistic decisions to be made on how you want your work to be seen, heard, experienced. How do you make beautiful work with audience impact, when you don’t have a high-end budget to play with?

In this meeting we’ll look at some of the low-cost approaches to capturing performances: we’ll hear case studies and examples from organisations who have filmed their work in cost effective ways, and those who have used audio at the centre of a piece. They’ll share some of the creative, artistic and practical processes they used, and how they found an audience for their work.

With a mix of discussion and case studies, we’ll consider:

  • What are the secrets to successfully capturing your work?
  • What are some of the cost effective approaches you might consider when filming work?
  • As audio experiences are becoming more popular, what opportunities does this offer?
  • How can you create experiences that enhance your work, and resonate with audiences?

Natalie Woolman, Producer for The Space will be joined by:

Daphna Attias, co-founder of Dante or Die

User Not Found is Dante or Die’s immersive video podcast about what happens to our online identities after we die. Daphna will discuss the creative decision-making behind this audio based adaptation, how it was produced, and what they’ve learned along the way.

Jo Crowley, producer 1927

1927’s Decameron Nights is a compelling and curious collection of tales commissioned as a radio broadcast and immersive audio experience for the BBC Culture In Quarantine series. Jo will talk about making the piece, and how working in sound for a lockdown audience has extended the original theatrical performance.

Jo Nolan, Managing Director Screen South

Recorded and streamed live from Prospect Cottage, Dungeness, Strange Concord combined the words of Derek Jarman’s diaries, spoken by Ben Whishaw, with music composed over the same period of time. Jo will discuss how the piece was produced in restricted times on a lower budget.

Magnus Dennison. producer and cinematographer

Magnus has produced a wide range of documentaries, dramas and commercials. He’s worked extensively with arts organisations, bringing his broadcast expertise to productions, and he’ll discuss some lower cost approaches while retaining a high quality experience for the audience.